My trial period has run out. Can I get an extension? There is no way to extend your trial. You will need to reformat your computer or use another computer to try the software again.

I have a valid key for SageTV Client, but I get license errors when I connect to the server. What can I do?
Restart your server.

If you are using the SageTVClient on more than one PC and accidentally enter the same license key from another PC you will get an error message - "Unable to connect to the SageTV Server".
To enter the correct license key, open your SageTV folder, right-click on the SageTVClient.exe file and create a new shortcut. Then right-click on the shortcut and go to Properties. Then enter in the Target line at the end after the quotes a space and then the word REGISTER. The correct entry will look like this: " C:\Program Files\Frey Technologies or SageTV\SageTV\SageTVClient.exe" REGISTER. Then you will be prompted to enter the new license key and after your correct license key is accepted, and you can delete the shortcut you just created. Make sure to restart the server after changing the key.